An Upscale salon for your pampered pet

Benefits of our Mobile Grooming Service:

  • Your Pet will receive 1 on 1 attention
  • ​No contact with other animals
  • ​No separation anxiety
  • ​Eliminates 2 trips to the groomers
  • ​We do our best to accommodate your schedule
  • ​Reasonable rates
  • ​We come right to you
  • ​Convenience​​

Call or Text 419-943-4SPA (4772)

to schedule an appointment with your local

Award Winning Competition Pet Grooming Stylists

Jolene Siebeneck, Stephanie Palmer & Sarah Angstadt

Mobile Grooming Rates:  Our grooming rates are approximately based at $65 per hour plus a one time travel fee of $5.  Our pricing chart is listed by breed and is fairly accurate on what to expect with our rates which is also our starting out rate per breed. However, the rates can change for the following reasons:  if your pet is bigger than the normal breed standard, if the coat is matted or has a lot of dead coat or undercoat, if parasites are found, or if your pet is difficult to work with.

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Mobile Pet Grooming Spa

We appreciate our loyal clients and their patronage so in return, we like to offer special discounts and rewards to our clients!​​

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Why is Mobile Grooming more expensive?

Mobile Grooming is a convenient luxury service so it tends to be more expensive than regular salon grooming rates.  Most people find that the one-on-one attention, their pet's relaxation and their time saved by using our Mobile Grooming Spa is well worth the extra cost!​ And did we mention that all of our Pet Grooming Stylists are Award Winning Competition Groomers?  You definitely get what you pay for with Paw Prints!

*Please understand that we cannot schedule an exact time for your Mobile Grooming Appointment.  Many things can happen during our mobile grooming route that may take the Groomer a little longer to get to your house.  Sometimes our Groomer can run behind because of traffic, detours, or pet's from previous appointments taking a little longer than expected, and many other reasons.  All we ask is for you to please be patient and understanding that sometimes our days don't go like we planned.  We try very hard to be to every appointment at the beginning of the arrival time given, but there are some times it's not possible.  Arrival times given for an appointment are usually about an hour long.  For example: When you make an appointment, we may tell you that your appointment arrival time is between 12 pm and 1 pm.  That means you can expect your Groomer to arrive anytime around that time. 

If for some reason the groomer is running extremely behind, we will call you to let you know and to give you options of what we can do to best accommodate you.

Spoil Your Pet with our Pampered Pet Add On Services!

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Serving Allen & Putnam County + Surrounding Areas 

Appointments are available Monday - Saturday

​Evening appointments available on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays

​We cater to all Breeds of Dogs and Cats​​

Not looking for a complete Grooming Service?

A La Carte Services are available in our Mobile Spa

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Mobile Spa Grooming Packages: