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Jolene Siebeneck has been a professional pet grooming stylist since 2002. She is the owner of Paw Prints Pet Grooming in Northwest Ohio and started her business with a mobile pet grooming unit in 2004. She opened the Leipsic Pet Spa in 2005 and opened the Lima Pet Spa in 2018 and recently opened a mobile grooming trailer in 2022. She is a graduate from Harcourt Learning Direct where she studied Pet Grooming and also a graduate from Great Lakes Grooming Academy where she received all of her hands on training. 
   Jolene’s specializes in drop coated breeds in many different pet friendly styles, doodles, and creative grooming. But loves to groom all breeds and even cats. Her favorite breed to groom is the shih tzu and the doodle type breeds.  Jolene has been competing in dog grooming competitions since 2013. She has achieved multiple placements including Best In Show Wins in Creative Styling and Peoples Choice Awards and is a member of the NDGAA.  One of Jolene’s biggest recent accomplishments was winning the Peoples Choice Award and taking first place at the 2022 Groom Expo in Hershey, PA (aka the Superbowl of Pet Grooming Competitions). Where she has been featured on the cover of the Groomer to Groomer Magazine. Jolene’s future goals include expanding her business by opening a new location, to excel in grooming competitions, and to win the Creative Groomer of the Year Award.

I started my training from a grooming academy in Columbus, OH. My favorite part of my job is when dog's feel better after their services. I grew up on a small farm. We had chickens, turkey, rabbits, cow, and sheep. I worked on a dairy farm in high school and was involved in 4-H & FFA. My favorite thing about working for Paw Prints is the ability to pursue all of my passions, to get to compete, and to not just be another name to my boss. Jolene really knows & cares about us all. We own 2 dogs, Mowgli & Clifford, a horse named Bo, 3 goats named Lincoln, Eddy, & Bacillio, a cat named Ace, a hedgehog named Wanda, a bunny named Crunch, & too many chickens to name. My all time favorite breed to groom is a Golden Retriever if I have to pick just one, and any other dog that isn't matted. When I'm not grooming, I enjoy hiking, kayaking, camping, horseback riding, traveling & cooking when I have the time. One thing I would say about me is that even after 10 years in the grooming industry, I still love getting to do this job! I love getting to make your dogs look better and most importantly feel better.

I started working with Jolene to become a Pet Stylist and got my training through her at Paw Prints. I had worked previously at a grooming facility and got some training there. My favorite part of my job is seeing the pet parent's faces when they pick up their pets. My favorite thing about working for Paw Prints is the clients and my co-workers. I have 2 cats named Gonzo & Scruffy. My favorite breed has to be a Schnauzer and my favorite breed to groom is a Yorkie. Some of my hobbies & interests included seeing live music, I love it. And I love swimming with my daugther. My dream as a kid was to work with animals and I'm finally here!

I started out as a bather at Inu Bathhouse in Dublin, OH for a year and then PetSmart in Findlay for 2.5 years. My favorite part of my job is meeting the dogs and building relationships. I have volunteered at shelters, have done some dog training, and found my pet Kai on the streets and rescued him. My favorite thing about working for Paw Prints is learning new skills and working with very talented groomers! I have 3 pets of my own, Kai-a Mini-Aussie/border collie/terrier mix, Maui-a tabby cat, and Liko-a Labradoodle. It's hard to choose a favorite breed but my dream dog would be an Irish Wolfhound. My next dog would be a border terrier. I like grooming any wire haired dogs & corgis! I like going hiking with my dogs, exploring different coffee shops, binge watching shows & napping. One thing that my clients don't know is that I'm a certified scuba diver! So fun :)

Gloria Knueven, Manager

Sarah Butorac, Pet Stylist

I had started with Paw Prints in 2010 as a receptionist, then assistant manager, then manager. Then as the business changed, I worked in banking and came back to Paw Prints. I've had years of customer service experience & I have a communications degree. I've always just loved pets and dove right into working with dogs & cats at Paw Prints. My favorite part about working for Paw Prints is interacting with the clients and their pets. I like getting to know them all. My all time favorite breed is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. And although I don't have haircutting experience, I can definitely give a short haired dog a great bath. :) My family keeps me busy so I don't have much time for hobbies but I enjoy spending time with my 4 children and husband. I also like to try my hand at DIY projects at home. I love being able to explain how Paw Prints is different compared to other grooming businesses. I take pride in knowing our groomers are top notch. And we all like to have fun, even the manager. 

I first taught myself how to groom and started showing dogs at age 13. I learned how to groom show dogs then transferred over to pet grooming. My favorite part of my job is seeing how happy the pets & owners are after their grooming. I have experience in show grooming and grooming cats. One of my favorite things about working for Paw Prints is the clients, they are one of a kind. I have pets of my own: a Shetland Sheepdog named Cody, a Morkie named Teddy, a Chinese Crested named Eli, and 3 standard poodles named, Jacy, Patrick, & Stryker. My all time favorite breed is a poodle and my favorite breed to groom is poodles too. Outside of grooming, my hobbies are competing in dog shows & photography. What some of our clients may not know about me is that I enjoy competition grooming.

Stephanie Childers, Pet Stylist

I started out as a Jr. Groomer at Paw Prints and Jolene helped train me into becoming a Pet Stylist. My favorite part of my job is working with the clients and dogs. I've had previous experience dog sitting for others, and worked at a kennel and have pets of my own. My favorite thing about working for Paw Prints is working with an amazing group of girls/co-workers. I have multiple pets: 2 horses named War & Candy, a Welsh Corgi named Elli, 1 cat named Thor, and a hamster named Pip. My all time favorite dog breed is a Corgi and I love to groom Schnauzers. My hobbies and interests are taking my horses trail riding or barrel racing at rodeos or contesting. Soon, I will be getting into doing competition grooming.

Haruna Sasaki, Pet Stylist

Jolene Siebeneck, Pet Stylist & Owner